A Debit Card For Creators & Freelancers

Use the Willa Visa® Debit Card for all your business expenses to turn tax season into vacation season.

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The Willa Visa® Debit Card has been completely designed with creators and freelancers in mind. Use Willa to get paid for your client work, and the debit card for all your business expenses - and you can focus on doing what you love instead of having to worry about boring taxes and admin.

That’s what it’s like when you run your business on Willa.

Creator Banking Done Right

A bank account and debit card, built for creators and freelancers, so you can easily keep track of all your business income and expenses.

Invoicing and Payments

The easiest and most seamless way to get paid for brand collaborations, minimize admin and paperwork.

The Deal Feed

Win more business with the Willa Deel Feed - a powerful tool for creators and freelancers to streamline their outreach and get more brand deals.

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The Willa Visa® Debit Card is exclusively available for Willa users. Sign up today by downloading the Willa app.

Available for all eligible Willa users. Sign up today by downloading the Willa app.

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Using the Debit Card

Do I need to be a Willa user to use the Willa Visa Debit Card? 

Yes. Download the app and sign up. Once you’re in, you can apply for the Willa debit card - and you can send payment requests to all your clients for any work you do.

Can the card be used abroad? If so, how do you set a travel notice etc.?

Yes, the Willa debit card can be used abroad. Please note: You will be charged a 1% fee on the transaction for any ATM or POS transactions conducted outside the United States.To give an advanced travel notice for transactions outside of the United States, please contact Visa at 1-833-333-1098

How are fraud notifications etc handled? Do you get a text?

The Visa Fraud Alerts Program provides you with alerts via email, phone call, and/or text messages. For any inquiries regarding potentially fraudulent activities on your card, please contact Visa at 1-833-333-1098

What customer service do you call if you are declined and need to talk to someone?

If your transaction is being declined for possible fraud related reasons please contact Visa at 1-833-333-1098.

If you suspect that your transaction is being declined due to reaching your transaction limit, exceeding your account balance or are just not sure, please contact us by telephone at 1-510-405-6356 or via live agent support online. Agents are available from 9 am to 7 pm, Monday through Friday.

Can you choose a PIN for your virtual card?

You can set your initial debit card PIN within the Willa app. To change your PIN, please contact Visa at 1-833-333-1098

I want to know more about Willa!

Of course, you can read all about us here.

Is Willa a bank?

Willa is a financial technology company, not a bank. Banking services provided by Piermont Bank; Member FDIC. The Willa Visa® Debit Card is issued by Piermont Bank pursuant to a license from Visa U.S.A. Inc. and may be used everywhere Visa debit cards are accepted.

How do I transfer money from my old bank, PayPal, etc. to my Willa Visa® Debit Card?

Transferring money to Willa is easy. You'll find your account information in the debit card part of the Willa app. Just copy the information and add to your transfer from any other service.

Does my card come with a bank account?

Yes, your Willa debit card comes with a bank account that works exactly the same way as any other bank account. Your account number and routing number can be found in the settings menu (cogwheel icon) within the debit card section of the app.